Submit a Sabbatical Posting

Provide a summary description of the sabbatical by completing the following paragraph or using similar text: “This sabbatical position is intended to utilize the skills of (academic, industrial or governmental) veterinary pathologists to further the mission of (name of host organization). The successful candidate will integrate into on-going (teaching, diagnostic, research) activities of (name of host organization). It is expected that this will enhance the career development of the visiting pathologist, provide a mutually beneficial exchange of information and advance the goals of both the participating (academic and/or industrial and/or governmental) organizations.” Describe the responsibilities and type of work to be performed, specific objectives and expectations of the sabbatical. Indicate duration of the sabbatical and approximate start date. List any compensation that will be provided for salary, medical benefits, housing, etc (the Coalition recommends cost sharing whenever possible, e.g., the sabbatical candidate’s organization provides salary and benefits, and host organization provides housing).
Describe the qualifications for candidates to be eligible to apply for the sabbatical. Describe requirements for compliance with intellectual property, confidentiality, drug testing, etc.
Provide brief background information on the host organization, type of work performed or services provided.
Describe procedures and documents required for candidates to apply for the sabbatical.