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Introduction and Background
Academia, industry and government are major employers of board-certified veterinary pathologists.  While the mission statements of these job sectors differ, the comparative biomedical skill sets of veterinary pathologists make them of value to each.  Conversely, the different mission statements of academia, industry and government can be used to expand the knowledge base of pathologists employed in the other sectors.  By enabling the interaction between these work forces, there is an opportunity to enrich the careers of pathologists while at the same time furthering the objectives of each employment sector.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate sabbatical interchanges of veterinary pathologists between academia, industry and government.

Operational Procedures

  1. Interested host organizations (academic institutions, industrial companies and governmental agencies) complete the attached form describing the specifics of the sabbatical positions they are offering.
  2. Subject to review/approval by the Coalition, sabbatical positions are posted on the Coalition web site under “Career Advancement Opportunities” for a period of 3 months. 
  3. All North American training institutions, industrial companies and governmental agencies are automatically notified by email once the sabbatical position is posted.  
  4. Interested and qualified sabbatical candidates submit applications directly to the host organization in accordance with instructions provided and the host organization recruits the most qualified applicant.
  5. Thereafter, the Coalition is not further involved, but remains available to facilitate interactions between the host organization and sabbatical candidate as needed, and tracks results of sabbatical offerings.
  6. All legal agreements related to intellectual property, workman’s compensation, etc remain the responsibility of the host organization and the sabbatical candidate.
  7. All costs associated with the sabbatical position will be as stated in the position description or as mutually agreed upon by the involved parties.
  8. All participating parties will be identified in Coalition publicity materials as sponsoring organizations.
  9. This service will be provided free of charge for the first sabbatical offered by each industrial company who has supported the Coalition, and each academic institution and governmental agency.  Thereafter, organizations will pay the Coalition a $250 fee/listing.

Advantages for Participants

  • Sabbatical pathologist has opportunity to inform host organization about issues in their employment sector and learns of issues at host organization
  • Mutual benefit for sabbatical pathologist and host organization through cross utilization of diagnostic, research and teaching expertise
  • Opportunity to develop collaborative research and consultation relationships
  • Opportunity to develop new expertise and refine professional skill sets
  • Opportunity to receive and instill “hybrid vigor” by exposure to new job responsibilities
  • Opportunity to investigate potential new job opportunities without long-term commitment
  • Relatively low cost if visiting pathologists retain appointment and salary from their home organization
  • More cost effective to use this Coalition service as compared to time/effort of in-house staff to implement similar arrangement

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