Submit a Post-Doctoral Fellowship Position

Provide a summary description of your interest to provide funding by completing the following paragraph or using similar text: “(Name of organization) is interested to fund a post-doctoral fellowship focused on (therapeutic area or research area) at (sponsoring organization’s site). This fellowship will allow the candidate to continue to develop their (diagnostic and/or research) skills while contributing to (name of organization) mission and objectives. This fellowship is for a period of 1 year (with the option to renew for an additional year. ” Describe the type of work to be performed, expectations and responsibilities of the post-doctoral candidate. Describe opportunities to prepare for the ACVP Certification Examination if that is included in the fellowship. List the amount and category (stipend, supplies, etc) for which funding is available. List the duration and approximate start date for the fellowship. Post-doctoral fellowships should be a minimum of 1 year and may include an option for renewal for an additional year.
Describe the qualifications for eligible candidates, e.g., anatomic or clinical pathology residency, PhD dissertation research focus, board certification. Describe requirements for compliance with intellectual property, confidentiality, drug testing, etc.
Provide brief background information on the organization, type of work performed or services provided.
Describe procedures and documents required for post-doctoral candidates to apply for the fellowship.