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Introduction and Background
Following completion of a pathology residency and/or PhD graduate research training, young veterinary pathologists are often interested in short-term post-doctoral positions to further develop and refine their skill sets, and to help them make further career decisions. Similarly, biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and governmental agencies are often interested to offer short-term post-doctoral positions for newly trained veterinary pathologists to work on projects directly related to the organization's mission. Currently there is no uniform mechanism to allow such organizations to locate the most suitable post-doctoral candidates or for candidates to become aware of such organization's interests. By making these two groups aware of each others research interests and needs there is the potential for mutually beneficial and valuable collaborative interactions.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate funding and recruitment of post-doctoral pathology candidates (for purposes of this program, a post-doctoral fellow is defined as a veterinarian who has completed an anatomic or clinical pathology residency and/or PhD pathology graduate program) by industrial companies and governmental agencies for continued, short-term diagnostic and/or research training in areas relevant to the organization's mission.

Operational Procedures

  1. Interested sponsors complete the attached form describing specifics of the post-doctoral fellowship they are interested to fund.
  2. Subject to review/approval by the Coalition, all information received from sponsors is posted on the Coalition web site under "Career Advancement Opportunities" for a period of 3 months.
  3. All North American training institutions are automatically notified by email once the post-doctoral fellowship is posted.
  4. Interested candidates submit applications directly to the sponsor in accordance with instructions provided and sponsors recruit the most qualified applicants.
  5. Thereafter, the Coalition has no further role, but remains available to facilitate interactions between the training institution, trainee and sponsor as needed, and tracks results of post-doctoral offerings.
  6. All interviews, finances and requirements related to workman's compensation, intellectual property, etc, remain the responsibility of the sponsor.
  7. All costs associated with the post-doctoral fellowship will be as stipulated and provided by the sponsor.
  8. All participating industrial companies, governmental organizations and post-doctoral fellows will be identified in Coalition publicity materials. Funding will be designated as The Post-Doctoral Fellowship."
  9. This service will be provided free of charge for the first listing from each sponsor that has supported the Coalition. Thereafter, all industrial companies will pay the Coalition a $250 fee/listing.

Advantages for Participants

  • Sponsors (industrial companies and governmental agencies)
    • Quick and easy access to pathology students in more than 40 diverse North American training program
    • Post-doctoral fellows contribute to research directly related to the sponsor's mission and objectiv
    • Increased visibility in the academic environment
    • Less investment required as compared to funds required for longer term training position
    • More cost effective to use this Coalition service as compared to time/effort for in-house staff to implement similar arrangement
    • Opportunity for close evaluation and recruitment of veterinary pathologists
  • Post-doctoral candidates
    • Network to communicate with a wide variety of industrial companies and governmental agencie
    • Opportunity to develop and refine veterinary pathology diagnostic and research skills
    • Exposure to modern industrial and governmental work environment and chance to explore future employment opportunities

 Submit a Post-Doctoral Fellowship Position