Submit a Position for Supplemental PhD Funding

Provide a summary description of the need for funding by completing the following paragraph or using similar text: “Funding is needed to permit (name of PhD candidate) to complete (his/her) PhD dissertation research focused on (subject of PhD research) in the laboratory of (name of major professor/principal investigator) at (name of training institution). (Name of PhD candidate) has already devoted (number of years) working on this PhD project; however, (source of funding) funding will expire before the project can be completed. The final results of this research will be of value to companies pursuing research in (therapeutic area) and will be of mutual benefit to (name of PhD candidate), (name of training institution) and the company which provides continued support for the research. Following completion of the PhD degree, (name of candidate) plans to (PhD candidate’s career objective).” List the source, amount, duration and category (stipend, supplies, benefits, etc) of funding provided by the training institution for the PhD graduate student’s research program. List the amount, duration and category (stipend, supplies, etc) for which funding is requested. Title and abstract of PhD candidate’s dissertation project. Describe the research plan for the period during which funding is requested.
CV, University transcripts, Statement of career objectives, 3 letters of recommendation
Provide a brief summary of research focus, funding and publication history.