Offer to Provide Supplemental Funding for Post-DVM PhD Pathology Graduate Research

Provide a summary description of your interest to provide funding by completing the following paragraph or using similar text: “(Name of company) is interested to provide limited funding to support completion of an on-going PhD graduate student project focused on (area of research interest). This research may be performed by the graduate student at their home academic institution or at (name of company’s site). The graduate student’s research must match with and contribute to (name of company)’s on-going research efforts in (therapeutic area.)” Describe the type of work to be performed, expectations and responsibilities of the PhD candidate (if the research is not performed at a company site, the Coalition recommends the PhD candidate at least visit the site to present results of the research during the period of support). List the amount, duration and category (stipend, supplies, etc) for which funding is available.
Describe the qualifications for candidates to be eligible to funding, e.g., focus of dissertation research, number of years of training and certifications or examinations already completed, stage of PhD graduate program, etc. Describe requirements for compliance with intellectual property, confidentiality, drug testing, etc
Provide brief background information on the company, type of work performed or services provided.
Describe procedures and documents required for training institutions to apply for funding.