Submit an Extramural Funded Position

Provide a summary description of the position by completing the following paragraph or using similar text: “A (name of funding agency)-funded post-DVM (or equivalent) PhD pathology graduate student position is available in the (name of dept) at (name of training inst). The successful candidate will join a team of (number of faculty and graduate students) faculty and graduate students conducting research in the field of (focus of research) under the direction of (name of PI). The ideal candidate will have plans to complete, or will already have completed residency training in either veterinary anatomic or clinical pathology resulting in certification by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (or equivalent).” Describe the type of research to be performed, expectations and responsibilities of the PhD candidate. List the amount and duration of funding available, and approximate start date.
Describe the qualifications for candidates to be eligible for the position (degrees, previous experience, citizenship, etc)
Provide brief summary of the training program (number of faculty, graduate students, research focus, extramural funding and publication history, etc)
Describe procedures and documents required to apply for the position.