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Introduction and Background
Post-DVM (or equivalent), pathology-related PhD graduate student training positions are frequently available through the efforts of principal investigators (PIs) in academia who have successfully applied for extramural grants, e.g., NIH T32 Institutional Research Training Grants.  Once such grants have been awarded, it is the responsibility of the PI to recruit PhD graduate student candidates to fill these training positions; however, there is currently no standardized mechanism to announce the availability of these positions, or for interested candidates to become aware of these opportunities.  As a result, PIs may experience difficulty in recruiting trainees and qualified candidates may miss career development opportunities.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate the recruitment of post-DVM pathology PhD graduate students to extramurally funded positions at North American training institutions.

Operational Procedures

  1. PIs complete the attached form describing specifics of funded graduate training positions.
  2. Subject to review/approval by the Coalition, training positions are posted on the Coalition web site under “Career Advancement Opportunities” for a period of 3 months. 
  3. All North American training institutions are automatically notified by email once the position is posted.
  4. Interested candidates submit applications directly to the PI/training institution in accordance with instructions provided and PIs recruit the most qualified applicants.
  5. Thereafter, the Coalition has no further role, but remains available to facilitate interactions between the training institution and PhD candidate as needed, and tracks results of funded position offerings.
  6. All costs associated with recruiting the PhD candidate and their subsequent support remain the responsibility of the PI at the training institution.
  7. All participating training institutions will be identified in Coalition publicity materials.
  8. This service will be provided free of charge for the first listing from each training institution.  Thereafter, all training institutions will pay the Coalition a $250 fee/listing.  Note: The NIH has indicated that trainee recruitment expenses are an acceptable expense on T32 grants (personal communication).

Advantages for Participants

  • PIs and training institutions
    • Simple, standardized system to announce extramurally funded training positions to more than 40 biomedical training institutions with potential candidates
    • Wide access to, and timely recruitment of, qualified post-DVM candidates
    • More cost effective to use this Coalition service as compared to time/effort of in-house staff to implement similar arrangement
    • Increased visibility amongst peer institutions
  • Trainees
    • Simple, standardized system to become alerted to extramurally funded PhD graduate research positions
    • Network support for communication with a wide variety of industrial companies
    • Increased opportunity for post-DVM research training and career development

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