Completed Positions

The Coalition is pleased to announce the following completed fellowships:

Sponsor (Yrs)


Training Inst/Type of Fellowship

Fellow (DVM, Yr)


Current Position


Linda Munson (2016-2019)

Colorado St Univ/PhD Grad

Jennifer Malmberg* (Colorado St, 2013)

Assist Prof, Wyoming St Vet Lab, Univ Wyoming

Charles and Sharron Capen (2012-2015)

Auburn Univ/PhD Grad

Emily Graff** (Texas A&M, 2007)

Assist Prof, Dept Pathobiol, Coll Vet Med, Auburn Univ

Linda Munson (2012-2015)

Univ Calif, San Diego/PhD Grad

Patricia Gaffney* (UC Davis, 2004)

Senior Scientist/Pathologist, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Diseases Laboratory

Genentech (2011-2014)

The Ohio St Univ/PhD Grad

Kristin Lewis Wilson* (UC Davis, 2010)

Principal Pathologist, Amgen, So San Francisco, CA

Amgen (2011-2014)

Univ Calif, Davis/Anat Path Residency

Mai Mok* (UC Davis, 2011)

Pathologist, Necropsy Services Group, Sacramento, CA

 Genentech (2010-2013)

Johns Hopkins Univ/Anat Path Residency 

Jennell Bigrigg Romero* (Ohio St Univ, 2010) 

Veterinary Pathologist II, Charles River Labs, Ashland, OH

Amgen (2010-2013)

Washington St Univ/PhD Grad

Kathryn Boland (Mich St Univ, 2007) Scientific Liaison, Adaptive Biotechnologies, NY, NY
Schering Plough (Merck)
Johns Hopkins Univ/PhD Grad Kathleen Brennan Kelly* (NCSU, 2003) Assist Prof, Dept Biomed Sci, NYS Coll Vet Med, Cornell Univ
Sanofi (2009-2012) Texas A&M Univ/PhD Grad Catherine Pfent (Mich St, 2007) Assist Prof, Coll Vet Med, Lincoln Memorial Univ
Bristol-Myers Squibb (2009-2012) Mich St Univ/PhD Grad Dodd Sledge* (Georgia, 2006) Specialist - Outreach, Anat Path, Dept Pathobiol & Diag Invest, Michigan St Univ
GlaxoSmithKline (2009-2012) Univ Calif, Davis/Anat Path Residency Victoria Derr-Castillo (Florida, 2009) Assoc Veterinarian, Banfield Pet Hospital, Williamsburg, VA
GlaxoSmithKline (2009-2012) Univ Minnesota/Anat Path Residency Mark Chalkley*
(Queensland, 2006)
Pathologist, IDEXX Labs, Columbus, OH
Pfizer (2009-2012) Mich St Univ/Clin Path Residency Charlotte Hollinger* ** (Penn, 2008) Pathologist, Wildlife Conservation Society, NY, NY
Pfizer Minority Fellowship (2009-2012) Univ Georgia/Anat Path Residency Bala Manickam*
(Pondicherry, India, 2000)
Sr Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Groton, CT
GlaxoSmithKline (2009-2012)

Ohio St Univ/Clin Path Residency

Kelly Santangelo** (Cornell, 2004) Assist Prof, Coll Vet Med & Biomed Sci, Colorado St Univ
Charles River/Wyeth (Merck)(2008-2011)

Iowa St Univ/Anat Path Residency

Angela Pillatzki* (Kansas, 1995)

Pathologist, Animal Disease Res and Diag Lab, South Dakota St Univ

GlaxoSmithKline (2008-2011)

Texas A&M/Anat Path Residency

Will Sims (Oklahoma St Univ, 2007) Pathologist, State Diagnostic Lab, Little Rock, AR
Schering Plough (Merck) (2007-2009)

 Ohio St Univ/PhD Grad

Aaron Sargeant* (Ohio, ‘04) Scientific Director, Pathology, Charles River Labs, Spencerville, OH
Bristol-Myers Squibb (2007-2010)

Iowa St Univ/PhD Grad

Alicia Olivier* (Miss St, 2005) Assoc Prof, Dept Path, Mississippi St Univ
Eli Lilly (2007-2010)

Mich St Univ/Anat Path Residency

Jana Ritter* (Univ GA, 2007) Pathologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA

Amgen (2007-2010)

Wash St Univ/Anat path Residency

Kathryn Boland (Mich St, 2007) Scientific Liaison, Adaptive Biotechnologies, NY, NY
Merck (2007-2010)

Univ Guelph/Clin Path Residency

Janet Beeler-Marfisi**
(Guelph, 2007)
Assit Prof, Dept Pathobiol, Coll Vet Med, Univ Guelph 
Genentech (2007-2010)

Univ Guelph/Anat path Residency

Leah Schutt* (Guelph, 2007) Scientist-Pathologist, Genentech, San Francisco, CA

GlaxoSmithKline (2006-2009)

Univ California/Anat Path Residency

Torrie Crabbs* (NCSU, ‘06)

Pathologist, Experimental Patholgy Labs, Research Triangle Park, NC

GlaxoSmithKline (2006-2009) Colorado St Univ/Anat Path Residency David Gardiner* (Cornell, ‘06) President/CEO, Animal Reference Pathology, Salt Lake City, UT
Pfizer (2006-2009) Ohio St Univ/Anat Path Residency Lyn Wancket* (Ill, ‘06) Pathologist, Charles River Labs, Durham, NC
Sanofi (2006-2009) No Carolina St Univ/Anat Path Residency Danielle Lewis Brown* (NCSU, ‘06) Scientific Director, Pathology, Charles River Labs, Durham, NC
Pfizer (Minority, 2006-2009) Univ Pennsylvania/Anat Path Residency Melissa Sanchez* (Penn, ’02) Anatomic Pathologist, Antech Diagnostics, Cambridge, MA
Pfizer (2006-2009) Purdue Univ/Anat Path Residency Robert Johnson* (Purdue, '06) Research Advisor, Pathology, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN
GlaxoSmithKline (2006-2009) Univ Illinois/Anat Path Residency Sandeep Akare* (Nagpur, India, '95) Scientist, Drug Safety, Eisai, Andover, MA

* Diplomate, Anatomic Pathology, ACVP
**Diplomate, Clinical Pathology, ACVP

75% (21/28) Fellows who have attempted the ACVP Certification Examination have successfully completed all parts, and 76% (16/21) of successful candidates passed all parts on their first attempt