2007 Program

Inaugural Scientific Conference
In Association with the STP 26th Annual Symposium
Parrot Room, Rio Mar Resort
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
June 10, 2007


  Conference materials will be available at the meeting room

1:00-1:20 pm Introductory Comments, Drs. Gary Cockerell (Consultant and Director of the Coalition) and Wanda Haschek-Hock (University of Illinois and Secretary/Treasurer, Coalition Board of Governors)
1:20-1:40 pm Dr. Lynn Wancket, "Inflammatory and Angiogenic Marker Correlation with Histological Grade in Canine Meningiomas"
Training Inst: The Ohio State University (Mentor, Dr. Michael Oglesbee)
Sponsor: Pfizer (Mentor, Dr. Roberto Guzman)
1:40-2:00 pm Dr. Sandeep Akare, “Fumonisin-Induced Pulmonary Edema in Swine: A Case Report”
Training Inst: University of Illinois (Mentor, Dr. Matthew Wallig)
Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline (Mentor, Dr. Richard Peterson)
2:00-2:20 pm Dr. Danielle Lewis Brown, "Ductal Plate Malformations in Veterinary Species"
Training Inst: North Carolina State University (Mentor, Dr. John Cullen)
Sponsor: sanofi-aventis (Mentor, Dr. Michael Pino)
2:20-2:40 pm Dr. David Gardner, “The Textbook, the Unexpected, the Memorable and the Leftovers”
Training Inst: Colorado State University (Mentor, Dr. Gary Mason)
Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline (Mentor, Dr. Bradley Hamilton)
2:40-3:00 pm Refreshment break
3:00-3:20 pm Dr. Robert Johnson, "Spirochete Abortion in a Horse"
Training Inst: Purdue University (Mentor, Dr. Stephen Lenz)
Sponsor: Pfizer (Mentor, Dr. James Hartke)
3:20-3:40 pm Dr. Torrie Crabbs, "Gynecological Lesions Associated with Progestin Contraceptives in Callitrichidae"
Training Inst: University of California (Mentor, Dr. Linda Munson)
Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline (Mentor, Dr. Justin Vidal)
3:40-4:00 pm Dr. Melissa Sanchez, “Neutralization of West Nile Virus by Monoclonal Antibodies and Horse Sera”
Training Inst: University of Pennsylvania (Mentor, Dr. Thomas Van Winkle)
Sponsor: Pfizer (Sponsor, Dr. John Kreeger)
4:00-4:20 pm Dr. Aaron Sargeant, "Toxicologic Pathology as a Tool in the Preclinical Development of Novel Small-Molecule Agents for Prostate Cancer"
Training Inst: The Ohio State University (Mentor, Dr. Ching-Shih Chen)
Sponsor: Schering-Plough (Mentor, Dr. Mark Cartwright)
4:20-5:20 pm

Joint Academia/Industry Presentation, “Training the Perfect Fellow: What Industry Would Like and What Academia Can Provide,” Drs. Matthew Wallig (University of Illinois) and James Hartke (Pfizer)

Panel Discussants, Drs. John Cullen (North Carolina State University), James Hartke (Pfizer), Linda Munson (University of California), Richard Peterson (GlaxoSmithKline) and Michael Topper (Merck), Matthew Wallig (University of Illinois)

5:20-5:30 pm Concluding Comments, Drs. Gary Cockerell and Wanda Haschek-Hock
6:30-7:00 pm Cocktails, Bolaro’s Bar, Rio Mar Resort (adjacent to Palio’s Restaurant)
7:00 pm Dinner, Palio’s Restaurant, Rio Mar Resort