About the Coalition

The Coalition was formed in late 2004 to provide a unified mechanism for ACVP and STP to solicit and allocate funds to establish new training positions in response to the current and predicted future shortage of well trained veterinary anatomic and clinical pathologists.


  1. To receive and maintain funds and, as appropriate, expend principal and income therefrom in support of and in furtherance of the purposes of the Coalition.
  2. To promote the development of new veterinary pathology fellowships in established colleges of veterinary medicine.
  3. To enhance opportunities for communication among those parties who employ, educate or take part in the educational opportunities surrounding veterinary pathology, such as pharmaceutical companies, the business community, educational institutions, fellowship candidates and students of veterinary medicine.

Restrictions: No part of the net earnings of the Coalition shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to, its members, officers, or other private persons unless allowed by Section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the Act.